Patrimoine Québec is a genealogical, demographic and archival project of Quebec society from the beginning of French colonization in America to the present, respecting the Archives Act (A-21.1) and of civil code (art. 144 et ss).

The project consists, at first glance, of creating a database of each individual who, since the beginnings of French colonization in America, have either immigrated or been born in the territory that is now defined by the province of Quebec.


The database published on the web under the "Le Fureteur" search engine is available free of charge and provides any amateur or expert genealogist with information on individuals to build up a complete genealogy.

The database was assembled by meeting the personal collection of Nico Lefrançois and Jacinthe Demers, administrators of Patrimoine Québec, as well as donations from several genealogy enthusiasts (see:contributors). 

Every day, the "Le Fureteur" database evolves positively; Elimination of duplicates, correction of information, addition of individuals, information, sources and images. It is not meant to be an absolute truth in Quebecois genealogy, but rather a quest for a complete genealogy supported by reliable sources.


Patrimoine Québec operates this project in accordance with the genealogist's code of ethics as described by the Québec Federation of Genealogical Societies.

We place special emphasis on sources and their sources. To do this, we use three categories of source quality to distinguish the reliability of information.

1)    Primary sources: When information is supported by a primary source it is that an act or digitized document is binding and available. No other data can be considered better.

2)    Secndary sources: We use this category when our information was taken from a recognized genealogical reference book that the author drew from primary sources. Cyprien Tanguay's "Genealogical Dictionary of French Canadian Families" and the PRDH Directory of Baptismal, Marriage, Grave and Census Records are examples of secondary sources and can be considered as very reliable sources.

3)    Questionable sources: Grouped primarily under the name "Patrimoine Québec" this source can be considered reliable but needs to be verified and confirmed by a safer source. Usually this source has been reviewed by our data processing team and has been found to be reliable. If you are working on information that has this source category, you can click on the administrator link at the bottom of each page with a single click. Our team will make a point of providing you with a more accurate source whenever possible.

4)    Finally, there is information that does not contain sources. This information has not yet been reviewed by the Heritage Québec team. Although they are mostly reliable, they should be treated with caution. Again, a simple click on the administrator link is enough to make a confirmation request.

We strongly believe in the policy of non-plagiarism in the information contained in our database and consequently we specify the work of the great genealogists of Quebec such as Tanguay, Jetté and others who have worked and deserve that their references be noted. Under no circumstances will Patrimoine Québec appropriate the results of research carried out by authors-genealogists.


The second mission that Patrimoine Québec has taken is to gather for the first time all documents available in archives, such as parish acts, notarial, judicial, cadastral, photographic and cartographic archives, and link them to each of Individuals that are contained in the "The Browser" database.

In a simple and ergonomic way, any research on an ancestor will be complete and reliable in one page. We can follow the migration of an ancestor in the course of his life and his accumulated family patrimony ... or lost. Thus, more than a simple collection of ancestor names, every genealogical research will be an exploration in time, usages and customs and motivations through the life of our ancestors.

In our way, we safeguard our rich historical heritage and share it at the same time with anyone interested in its history.


More than a simple data resource available on the Web, Patrimoine Québec is committed to being interactive with you, both amateur and expert genealogists. We are available at all times to assist you in your research and are constantly working with you to find and add new sources and information to our database so that you can benefit from it and share it with other researchers. A simple click on our administrator link at the bottom of the page is enough!

We encourage you all to scrutinize your roots, to discover your ancestors and their lives, and we try to help you in your research. A successful partnership!

Good research !

Patrimoine Québec team



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